Do you want to grow your own?

Look no further than the Kirchhoffs range of flower, vegetable and herb seeds – as well as a full range of various lawn grass varieties. In addition, Kirchhoffs offers all the gardening products you need for a healthy and thriving garden!


For the serious cook, there is only one way to experience the ‘true’ taste of veggies: grow your own! 

What’s hot about heirloom varieties? 

Heirlooms are those varieties originally grown by families or communities where the seed was handed down, from generation to generation, to qualify as an heirloom a variety must have been in general use for at least 50 years.  

All Kirchhoffs seeds are non-GMO, open pollinated and include many local and international heirloom varieties. 


Seed sowing tips:  

Many varieties are perfectly happy going directly into the soil where they will grow, as a rule of thumb the bigger the seed, the easier to direct sow. 


  • The soil still needs to be prepared even when sowing seeds direct.
  • Add compost to the soil.
  • Make sure that there is a good source of water.
  • Ensure that there is at least 6 hours of sunlight in the area that you want to sow the seeds.
  • Remember almost everything can be grown in a pot or container. 
  • Do not let the soil dry out during germination. 
  • Feed seedlings with Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger after germination. 
  •  Do not place pots against hot walls; allow for plenty of air circulation. This reduces the chance of red spider mite and white fly. 
  • Plants do best with morning sun and afternoon shade. 
  • Feed once a month with Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger.


Good to know: 

  • Most veggies and flowers like fertile soil that drains well. Dig in plenty of compost and aerate the top layer of the soil by turning it over and breaking down clumps of soil.  
  • Keep soil moist until seedlings have appeared.  
  • Thin out seedlings if they are too close together. It’s heart breaking but plants will not produce adequate fruit if planted too close together. Carrots and root veggies will grow crooked and be stunted. Flowers will be long and straggly with very few blooms.


Besides mulching and watering during cooler times of the day, there are some other, less obvious tips: 

  • Don’t overproduce: wasted veggies are a waste of resources. Sow less but do repeat sowings so that harvest is spread over a longer season.   
  •  Veggies have increased water demands when they are becoming established and then again when flowering and setting fruit.  
  • Control weeds: they take up water and nutrients that should be going to the plants.  
  • Grouping plants rather than in straight rows, provides shade from the leaves, keeping soil cool and reducing evaporation. 


Easy flowers that multitask are perfect to mix in containers with herbs and veggies- use marigolds to keep soil healthy and prevent disease, nasturtiums are edible and add colour to pots. 

When the pesky bugs appear – make sure to buy Environmentally friendly products.  

The Kirchhoffs environmentally range consists of products under the names of Margaret Roberts and Ludwig’s. All products are environmentally friendly with low residues, short withholding periods and many friendly to bees and other wildlife. 

Insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers are all in the range and ensure that will have the safest tools at hand to protect your garden.

Don’t forget about the birds:

In South Africa we are blessed with an array of bird species, many of whom reside in home gardens and urban areas. So, for those who enjoy spending time in the garden, encourage feathered friends as well. Kirchhoffs has a full range of birding products under the brand Wild Wings.