Protea Grandiceps

Protea Grandiceps

Protea is both the botanical name and the English common name of a genus of South African flowering plants, sometimes also called Sugarbushes. Most Protea occur south of the Limpopo River. 92% of the species occur only in the Cape Floristic Region, a narrow belt of mountainous coastal land from Clanwilliam to Grahamstown, South Africa. MOST PROTEAS WILL FLOWER FROM YEAR 3 AFTER PLANTING, but the spectacular flowers are well worth the wait.

This is a very slow growing fynbos shrub that produces excellent, long lasting, red flowerheads, beautiful for garden display and as a cut flower, and with its broad blue-green leaves, it makes a perfect shrub for the fynbos garden 2M

BOTANICAL NAME: Protea Grandiceps

COMMON NAME: Red Sugar Bush. Bearded Protea

AFRIKAANS NAME: Rooisuikerbos

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Spring and Autumn
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Depth: 10 mmSpacing: shrub
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2-3 months
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4-5 yearsHeight: 2 m