Kirchhoffs Evergreen has been specifically developed for South African conditions, it is a mixture of nine different lawn varieties of which some are tuft varieties and some are creeping varieties. Perfect for areas that get sun and shade.

Cool season lawns such as Kirchhoffs Evergreen and Kirchhoffs Shade Master are frost hardy and contain a mix of perennial lawn types. These lawns require the lawn mower setting to be higher as the length of the grass blade must never be cut by more than one third, the remaining blade should be about 5-7cm long as this protects the roots and ensures that the lawn does not dry out too quickly.

Normally the grass varieties with fine blades germinate first and those with coarser blades germinate later, whereafter they start knitting to form a dense carpet.

BOTANICAL NAME: Mixture of tufted and creeping grasses

COMMON NAME: Evergreen

TYPE: Creeping and tufted


LG66038 – 1m²

LG66040 – 100gm

LG66045 – 200gm

LG66050 – 500gm

LG66055 – 1KG

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Green through out the year, providing its watered and fed during winter months
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3mm and then compacted
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8 - 10 weeks
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Only mow the grass once it has reached a height of 70-80mm and on highest setting of mower. Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade. Always ensure that mower blades are sharp.