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Unlock the Green World: Introducing the Sow & Grow Calendar by Kirchhoffs

Hello Kirchhoffs Gardening Enthusiasts,

Get ready to transform your green dreams into reality! We’re thrilled to present the Sow & Grow Calendar by Kirchhoffs – your exclusive passport to a thriving garden. This is your invitation to dive into the world of gardening wisdom and download your companion for a green journey. 

Our sneak peek introduces the companion planting table and expert insights tailored for each month.

🌿 Companion Planting Revelations:

Dive into the world of companion planting, where the right herb, flower, and vegetable pairings make your garden thrive. Uncover the secrets of harmonious planting for a healthier, more robust garden.

🌱 Region-specific Guidance:

Tailored to the distinct climates of South African provinces, our calendar provides insights on Kirchhoffs herbs, flowers, and vegetable seeds ideal for sowing and harvesting. Your garden, customised for your local conditions!

🌼 Seasonal Gardening Magic:

Craft a garden that’s a visual masterpiece throughout the year. Explore our handpicked selection for early bloomers, summer stunners, and winter wonders, ensuring your garden stays vibrant in every season.

🧑‍🌾 Words from Marlaen:

Each month, Marlaen, our gardening maestro, shares exclusive tips. Stay tuned for Marlaen’s insights, giving your gardening journey the perfect kickstart.

Ready to embark on your gardening journey? Witness the magic unfold by downloading your Sow & Grow Calendar now. Stay tuned for more green revelations in the upcoming months. Your garden deserves the best, and Kirchhoffs is here to make it happen.

Anticipate More! The complete Kirchhoffs Sowing Calendar, with insights for each month, will be released soon. Your garden’s transformation begins now.

Happy sowing,
The Kirchhoffs Team