Veggie of the month: Eggfruit Long Purple

Veggie of the month: Eggfruit ‘Long Purple’ is an heirloom variety named for its long egg-shaped fruit and deep purple colour. This staple of Mediterranean cuisine is often used with tomatoes, onions and zucchini in rich, saucy dishes such as eggplant parmesan or ratatouille.

Eggfruit need sun and soil that drains well. Sow in seed trays or directly into the soil. Keep moist during germination and transplant from seed trays when seedlings about 5- 8cm high. Two weeks after germination fertilise with Margaret  Roberts Organic Supercharger. Good companions for eggfruit are beans, tarragon, thyme, and cornflowers as they enhance each other’s growth.

Veggie of the month published in Get it

By Alice Coetzee