Watermelon Sugar Baby

Watermelon Sugar Baby, sometimes called the Ice Box Watermelon because its small enough to fit neatly in a fridge. Despite its convenient size Watermelon Sugar Baby does need space to grow, so space seeds at least 90 cm apart. Watermelon is a “friendly” germinator in that it does bests when it has some friends to grow with so plant 3 seeds into each hole. Once growing and the plants have their first true leaves cut off the weaker plants so that the strongest and fittest can survive. 

Sowing early in September when frost danger is past will ensure a Watermelon filled holiday season. Keep soil moist during germination, after that regular deep waterings will do. Try water around the base of the plant so that leaves are kept as dry as possible. 

Once the fruit is the size of a tennis ball, only water when the soil is dry. This concentrates the flavour of the fruit. Place the fruit on a piece of wood or similar material to prevent insect damage.

Harvesting tips: ‘Sugar Baby’ should be ready to harvest within 90 to 120 days from germination. If you are unsure, roll over the fruit and if it is a pale yellow on the underside, it should be ripe. The other indication of ripeness is when the tendril closest to the fruit appears dead and dry.