Parsley Italian Plain Leaf

Parsley Italian Plain Leaf

Parsley can be difficult to start from seed, and it can take several weeks for seed to germinate, once established, seedlings are easy, quick growers that can take sun and partial shade. Regular harvesting will encourage plants to produce new leaves.

More flavourful than Curly Parsley. Italian parsley has dark flat leaves and slender stems, with a bright and slightly bitter flavor. The stems have more flavor and aroma than the leaves and are commonly used in bouquet garni, for flavoring stocks, soups and sauces and as garnish.

BOTANICAL NAME: Petroselinium (var. Filicinum)

COMMON NAME: Italian Parsley. Flat Leaf Parsely

AFRIKAANS NAME: Italianse Pietersiele

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Spring to Autumn
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15-25° C
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Depth: 3 mmSpacing: 20 x 20 cm
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14 - 28 days
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80 - 90 daysHeight: 15 cm